Studio Update....

Hi everyone, thought we’d better give a little update on our studio situation. As you know, we have been renting a studio space every time we have an appointment for quite a while now. In June we announced that we would be moving into a premises in Drogheda, Co. Louth. We were so excited, paid our deposit and started work on getting it ready. We had really grand plans for the place and we were so excited about finally having somewhere to call our own but….for one reason or another (we have yet to find out) work stopped on the building and we were forced to pull out.

As you can imagine, we were totally devastated so we took a little time to regroup and make a plan for what we could do next. We continued to rent as we go but moving every piece of equipment (just in case we might decide to use it), every time we needed to make images was proving to be quite frustrating.

This spurred us on to find a more suitable space where we can meet clients for consultations prior to shooting, show our work proudly on the walls, shoot with every light or backdrop imaginable right at our fingertips. This was no mean feat and there has been a lot of stress, blood, sweat and tears on our road to getting it together but thankfully, it’s beginning to feel like it’s taking shape now.

We are very proud to be keeping our business based in the Mornington area and the plan is to be open this side of Christmas. We are still taking bookings in our current space until then. There is still an awful lot to be done but we’re well on the way. We expect to have more news very soon so do keep an eye out.

We’d like to thank each and every one of our clients for sticking with us during this very tough time and we are so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to visit our web-site, like, comment and share our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and for recommending us to friends and family. You are all appreciated so much :-) Thank you……

Rachel & John.